nominee-germanwebaward-darkBy Degordian from Croatia

Zvonimir Pavlek

Presentational website for Zvonimir Pavlek, marketing expert and icon of product branding. The objective was to present his methodology, way of work and greatest accomplishments in past 40 years. The visual idea behind this site was to combine his very strong personality together with clean and modern layout just using big quotes, personal images and subtle transitions.

28. April 2015

Zvonimir Pavlek personal web

By Degordian from Croatia

Zvonimir Pavlek

28. April 2015

Material Design Blog

By Hercus Monte from Netherlands

Material Design Blog

27. April 2015

Alissa Schurov Design

By Alissa Schurov Design from United Kingdom

26. April 2015


German Web Award Site of the day Bravoure from Netherlands